Quadricorn Apparel™
    Gosh, is it chilly. Lots of snow, too. I mean, NC Mountains in December -- what else is there to expect?!
That's why me and the QA crew have decided to take a break for the holidays. We'll be on and off the site through the next few months, though; slowly but surely working on a few designs, adding a few polls, and trying to get the site more noticed.
    Speaking of which, we would VERY much appreciate it if you all would invite your friends to the page, and share us on popular pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc. (scroll down the Home page to find the share buttons). As you all know, customers like you are very very important to QA's prosperity, so PLEASE share this page!
    Don't forget to share any ideas you have with us. Comment. Post your opinion. Take our polls.
    I hope to hear more from you all soon!

9/24/2012 05:28:52 am

good one article dude


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