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The Q.A. Giveaway is currently inactive.

Quadricorn Apparel's new Q.A. Giveaway starts NOW!

    Q.A. Giveaway is a sweepstakes Quadricorn Apparel hosts every few months, giving away a certain item in a design chosen by the winner.
    Four designs by Q.A. are posted on the page. Then, users vote their favorite design, and voters are automatically entered, and chosen randomly, to win a free piece of merchandise in that design. Come by every few months for a new giveaway!
    Vote for your favorite out of the designs (below) with the voting form (also below) for a chance to win a free sticker in that design!

    "Pan and Butter" and "Lemon and Coffee Bean" will have modified text if design is chosen for winner. "Super-bowl" will have text across sticker with the title words.

'Pan and Butter'
'Lemon and Coffee Bean'
'Full Moon'

    Vote Here!

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