Quadricorn Apparel™

So, how did this business even start?

    It all started when I (Lily) began creating designs. People told me, "HEY! These are great! you should start a business." As far as my memory goes, my very-first design I created was the Lemon and Coffee Bean design. My plans for this design weren't originally for t-shirts. Honestly I just liked the idea. But when I received feedback on Facebook from family and friends, I had a feeling that maybe, JUST MAYBE, its purpose was for more.
    I'd always thought it'd be cool to own a business. I knew it'd be difficult but I thought it'd be pretty worth it. But, much to everyone's confusion, I'd never really thought of creating an actual clothing business!
    I guess you could say I was mostly inspired. Businesses like Hybrid Tees, Shanalogic.com, CutePlush.com., Hot Topic, and Rue21 inspired me to do what I do now. As far as my assistants go... Well, they've been pretty amazing friends for a while. They've helped a lot and I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without them.
    So I guess when it comes to clothing and t-shirt stores... Originality, cheap prices, and convenience are the keys to success. Thanks for visiting!

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