Quadricorn Apparel™

More? More INFO? Fine, fine.

We don't only offer t-shirts.
We also offer buttons, stickers, bumper stickers, and an exception of other sha-mazing items.
But when we say "offer", we pretty much mean - well - "will offer".
This is because we are a small business run by very few people - not one of those big, fancy businesses with their own factories, buildings and hundreds of workers.
Quadricorn Apparel is more like one of those small, online, and local businesses (which is pretty much what we are).
So when we say "offer"...
We mean , "will-soon-offer-through-internet-and-locally-in-the-course-of-a-month-or-two".
But progress takes patience, right?
So don't give up on us yet!
Think of this site as a movie preview.
Our products may even be ready-to-sell by the end of January!!
So until then, sit back, relax; decide what you might want to buy later, and browse our designs. New designs will soon be pouring in like a fresh, cold stream.
(Don't forget to look at our sneak-peeks of the apparel, too!)
Have any more questions, just e-mail me (address in "Contact Information").

~Lily, Manager of Quadricorn Apparel; and the rest of the Q.A. staff

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