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Here are some pictures of our current 100% handmade items!

Lately we've been considering more handmade goods. We decided to work with a little clay and get our hands dirty - here's what we ended up with!
(These are rough copies. If we ever sell these items, they will most-likely be neater/cleaner than these. Enjoy!)

Panda earrings!

100% Handmade Panda Earrings!!
    These little panda-head earrings are sure to make you say "Awwww!" Missing earring hooks, but, when added, will create cute little handmade "dangly" earrings.
    We're thinking of probably selling these in the future, in a more neater form. E-mail us if you're interested (site e-mail in Contact Information), and tell us what you think!

100% Handmade. Exact product owned by Q.A. ONLY!

SplaTTaBoT pencil holder!

SplaTTaBoT Pencil Holder - front view
SplaTTaBoT Pencil Holder - back view
    Put on your protective gloves, 'cause SplaTTaBoT's definitely the splattiest, paintiest pencil holder you'll ever see. (Just kidding, the paint is dry! ;-) ) Made completely from clay, Sharpies, and bottles of colorful paint, SplaTTaBot's most-likely the realest and most-trustworthy pencil holder you can store your pencils in. ((Like earlier stated, this pencil holder is merely a rough copy. If we ever sell these holders, we plan on both making the space for pencils bigger, improving the design, and perhaps even adding magnets for lockers and desks.)) E-mail the site if you're interested in buying a pencil holder in the future, and tell us what you think!

100% Handmade. Exact product owned by Q.A. ONLY!

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